linkedinDr. Dong’s primary research interest is the development of analytical models (e.g., optimization and machine learning) and solution methods for use in the management of complex systems. She has particular interest in systems that can be represented mathematically as networks, including transportation and logistics systems, civil infrastructure networks and project networks. She loves to solve real-world problems, and she has close collaboration with industry companies including Sabre Airline Solutions and C.H. Robinson, and non-profit organizations including several food banks along I-35 corridor.

Dr. Dong is leading the UTIL (Urban, Transportation, Informatics and Logistics) Group at Texas State University. The current research fouses are supply chain and logistics management, disaster response and emergency management.  All collaborations in the related fields are welcome.

In addition, the group is always looking for highly self-motivated postdocs, undergraduates, master students and PhD students. Regarding PhD applications, please refer to our Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization (MSEC) program at Texas State University for more details.


Address: IGRM 4001H, 601 University Drive [Get Your Direction Here]
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: 512-245-7227
Email: sasha (dot) dong (at) txstate (dot) edu