July 2020

  • Congrats Dixizi (Krystal) being selected for the Texas State Student Government Scholarship Award this year! Good Job!
  • Our research group will (virtually) attend the 2020 Research Meeting organized by Natural Hazards Center with the theme of “The Data Revolution” to present our work about using meachine learning techniques to mine the public opinions on Twitter about disaster response.

June 2020

  • Dr. Sasha Dong has been selected as the editorial board member of Sustainable Futures, and young editorial board member of Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Congrats Lingyu on winning the 1st Place of IISE logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division Best Student Paper Award. The paper is entitled “Ride Sharing Models of Disaster Response”
  • We welcome Alex Little from Texas State, Menna Hassan from Purdue, Daniel Jacobson from Virginia Tech, and Joey Munar from Rice University to join our group this summer for undergraduate research!

April 2020

March 2020

  • Dr. Sasha Dong received NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) Award. This prestigious award is also known as mini-CAREER: This is NSF-funded project will develop a machine learning-based computational framework for large-scale stochastic programming problems.
  • Gabriel’s second paper coming out at the journal Computers and Industrial Engineering, which studies supplier selection decision making in disaster response. Here is the free access!
  • Dixizi (Krystal) presented her research poster “Exploring the Contagion Effect of Social Media on Mass Shootings” at Texas State University 2020 Women in Science and Engineering Conference (WiSE) Conference.

Feb 2020

  • Dr. Sasha Dong is now organizing a special issue of the journal Natural Hazards ( – “Big Data Analysis and Management: Climate Economics, Meteorological Hazards and Environmental Risk” as a guest editor. The detailed call for papers is here. Please feel free to share it with anyone that you think might have interests in. We are looking forward to reviewing your papers!
  • Dr. Sasha Dong has been selected by Harvard Business School as one of the 30 leading junior researchers in the field of Data Science regarding Management and Decision Sciences, and she has been invited to attend the workshop in April in Harvard University to present her research work about big data in disaster operations managment.

Jan 2020

  • Dr. Guo Qiu, from Beijing Jiaotong University, will join our lab as a postdoc associate. Welcome her!!
  • Dr. Shaolong Hu finished his postdoctoral work and will join the School of Economics and Management at Southwest Jiaotong University as an assistant professor. Congratulations!
  • Our invited paper “Optimal Fulfillment Strategies on Omnichannel Grocery Supply Chains” has been accepted by 2020 POMS Annual Conferene. That is a collobrative work with the University of Michigan and University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.

Dec 2019

  • Lingyu’s research presentation “Twitter Data Sentitement Analysis of Disaster Response” has been accepted by the Data Analytics and Information Systems Track of 2020 IISE Annual Conference.

Nov 2019

  • Sasha was invited as the plenary speaker by the first symposium on Disaster Risk Analysis and Big Data 2019 in Pembroke, NC to discuss her recent research in the pre-positioning of disaster relief supplies and supplier selection strategy.                                                                   

Oct 2019

  • Shaolong presented our Transportation Research Part B work “A multi-stage stochastic programming model for relief distribution considering the state of road network” at INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle.
  • Sasha was invited by the Association of Chairs of OR Departments during the INFORMS Annual Meeting to introduce WORMS (Women in OR/MS) and its events.                                                      

Aug 2019

  • Lingyu presented his research work about travel frequency patterns of public bike systems and bike sharing systems at the 25th International Conference on Production Research in Chicago!                   WeChat Image_20190823114326
  • Congrats on Gabriel! He just passed his thesis defense. Through his two-year study, he has made several impressive achievements, including Modeling & Simulation Best Student Paper, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (May 2019), Graduate College Scholarship, Texas State University (April 2019), Local Collegiate Competition (2nd runner-up), Society of Women in Engineering (March 2019), Ingram School of Engineering Director’s List, Texas State University (August 2018), and Student Government Scholarship, Texas State University (August 2018).                                  gabriel defense-1

June 2019

May 2019

  • Congrats to Gabriel! His paper “Multi-stage Stochastic Programming for Prepositioning Relief Supplies Considering Expiration Dates” has been awarded by IISE Modeling and Simulation Division as the best student paper this year, and it is part of his master thesis.                                                thumbnail_Image-7_copy
  • Lingyu and Lauren presented the research regarding fresh e-Commerce in IEEE ICNSC 2019.

lauren and lingyu in Canada

  • Our project “On-Time Prediction Modeling Using Machine Learning” with Sabre Airline Solutions has been awarded People’s Choice Award among all the IE capstone projects in today’s Engineering Senior Design Day. Thank you for all the students’ hardworking and Sabre’s sponsorship.

senior designsenior design-2

  • Dr. Sasha Dong visited George Mason University to give an invited talk at the Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research regarding her research in disaster relief.
  • Dr. Sasha Dong presented her research work about dynamic supplier selection in disaster response at POMS 2019 in Washington D.C.
  • Congrats on Lingyu’s achievement – he received Student Government Scholarship for year 2019-2020.

April 2019

  • Lauren attended the undergraduate research conference to present our work on Fresh e-Commerce.

  lauren at conference

  • Our work about bike sharing programs has been featured by Texas State University News Room. Read our story!
  • We have two papers accepted by IISE Annual Conference this year: 1) Multi-stage Stochastic Programming for Pre-positioning Relief Supplies Considering Expiration Dates; and 2) A Sample Average Approximation for Facility Location Considering Uncertain Demand. See you in Orlando!

March 2019

Feb 2019

Dec 2018

Nov 2018

  • Dr. Sasha Dong was invited to give a talk “A multi-stage stochastic programming model for relief distribution considering road network disruption” at ORIE seminar of UT Austin.
  • Dr. Sasha Dong has organized two sessions at INFORMS annual meeting this year. One is “Disaster and Humanitarian Logistics” under Transportation Science and Logistics, and the other is “Uncertainty and Network Resilience” under Optimization. You are welcome to attend!

Sept 2018

  • Dr. Sasha Dong was invited to give a talk “Supplier Selection and Prepositioning Strategy in Humanitarian Relief” at UT Austin.
  • Dr. Sasha Dong has been selected as TX State LBJ Institute Research Faculty Fellow (Year 2018-2020)! This program is supported by National Science Foundation under grant or cooperative agreement award number 1431578.

Aug 2018

  • It has been a very productive summer. Before the summer officially ends, there is one more paper “Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Alternative Project Structure” accepted by journal Computers and Industrial Engineering.
  • Welcome Mr. Lingyu Meng from Southeast University to join our lab! He is the recipient of the 2018 Graduate College Scholarships (as a new graduate).
  • Congratulations to Gabriel for receiving academic performance excellence award!gabriel-award
  • Sasha was invited by Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) to work on the industry-university collaboration project with C.H Robinson. This work has been funded by IMA and NSF jointly.
  • Sasha’s paper “Optimal pricing and inventory strategies for introducing a new product based on demand substitution effects” has been accepted by Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization!
  • Sasha’s best paper award has been highlighted in the IISE Magazine (Aug 2018): magazine
  • Loraine presented her research during this summer “social media data mining in the transportation field” at Texas State University Undergraduate Research Symposium (both oral and poster). Her work was sponsored by NSF SURE program. Check out her presentation here:

loraine-1 loraine-2

June 2018

May 2018

  • Sasha was awarded by Texas State University New Faculty Startup Grant!
  • Sasha presented her work on resource allocation and project scheduling at the IISE 2018 annual conference in Orlando and received the Engineering Management track best paper! The news can also be found at “Ingram School Spotlight”.
Sasha received her best paper award from 2018 IISE annual conference

Sasha received her best paper award from 2018 IISE annual conference

  • This summer we welcome four girls (IE undergraduates) to join our lab for the research! They are Paula Cruz Acosta, Loraine Ribon Gutierrez, Melina Mijares, and Lauren Christenson. Their research will be financially supported by NSF SURE program and SRC-URO program.
  • This semester Sasha led two senior capstone projects in a collaboration with Sabre Airline Solutions. Both teams presented their projects at the Ingram School of Engineering Senior Design Day. Good job! The project titles are “Developing a reliability measure based optimization model for airline crew vacation allocation problem” and “A reliability–driven model for airline crew vacation grid optimization“. More details can be found here.

    IMG_6960 WechatIMG3

April 2018

March 2018

  • Sasha and Shaolong were invited by Institute of Mathematics and its Application to attend the workshop to discuss about integrating machine learning and predictive simulation
  • Sasha received the invitation from Media Planet USA to discuss her views on how transportation can change our futures. The discussion (with other transportation experts in business) can be found here. It has also been published as Ingram School Spotlight –                                        Ingram School Spotlight

Feb 2018

Jan 2018

  • Sasha was selected as Treasurer of INFORMS WORMS (Women in OR/MS)
  • Sasha received a startup research grant from Material Handling Institute!
  • Dr. Shaolong Hu from Tongji University joined the UTIL Lab as a postdoc associate. Welcome!

Dec 2017

  • Sasha gave an invited presentation “Scheduling Resource-Constrained Project Problem with Alternative Activity Chains” at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jiangsu University, and Yangzhou University.
  • Sasha created UTIL (Urban, Transportation, Logistics, Informatics) Lab at Texas State University
  • Oluwasegun Gabriel Olanrewaju joined the UTIL Lab as a graduate research assistant. Welcome!
  • Zachary Schneiderman joined the UTIL Lab as an undergraduate research assistant. He is sponsored by SRC Education Alliance. Welcome!

Oct 2017

  • Sasha organized a session “Designing Logistics Network” at 2017 INFORMS annual meeting in Houston, TX
  • Sasha gave an invited presentation “Resilient Route Design for Collection of Material from Suppliers” at 2017 INFORMS annual meeting in Houston, TX
  • Sasha was selected as a participant of 2017 INFORMS New Faculty Colloquium
  • Dr. Dong received INFORMS Family Care Award

July 2017

  • Sasha left FedEx Freight and joined Texas State University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
  • Sasha was invited to attend the workshop co-organized by NSF and IMA (Institute for Mathematics and its Applications) focusing on tracking collaboratively emerging problems in industry