IE 4310 Statistical Design of Experiments                                                                     Fall 2017/Fall 2018

This course will focus on the design and analysis of experiments, which is a model-based approach examining both theoretical and practical issues associated with experimentation. This course will introduce students to the principles of experimental design and appropriate analysis for experimental design data. Tentative topics include ANOVA, blocked designs, factorial designs, fractional factorial designs, and others.

IE 4370 Probabilistic Operations Research                                                                  Fall 2018

This course will focus on Probabilistic models in operations research to include queuing theory, Monte Carlo simulation, and Markov chains. Emphasis will be placed on modeling and applications to solving problems in industry and computing.

IE 4390 Capstone Project                                                                                            Spring 2018

Project 1: Developing a reliability measure based optimization model for airline crew vacation allocation problem (sponsored by Sabre Airline Solution)

Project 2: A reliability–driven model for airline crew vacation grid optimization (sponsored by Sabre Airline Solution)

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Project: On-time prediction modeling using machine learning”(sponsored by Sabre Airline Solution)